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Are You Making This Number 1 Eating Mistake?...Why You Can't Fit Into Those Jeans

FOOD What you put in your body is the number one thing you should focus on if you are trying to improve your health in any way whatsoever.

If you want to release weight, the food you eat is of far more importance than any exercise you may do. I am not downplaying the importance of exercise, however I strongly believe that diet alone can drastically change your life. Many people don’t really have much of an idea what they should be eating to enhance their well-being. For example a lot of foods are advertised as “healthy” however always make sure to look at the ingredients before you buy. What does the item actually have it? We have finally seen the Heart Foundation remove it's Heart Tick of products that claim to be healthy and are not.

After attending a seminar by Cyndi O’Meara several years ago I changed my eating patterns to eating food as close to real as possible. I don’t fully agree with Cyndi’s principal's in total however the one thing I took away from her seminar was to eat “Real”.

I always thought I ate well however once I changed to eating food as close to its natural form it changed my whole body balance. I had less issues with bloating and my weight fluctuation stopped. Yes, I still eat cakes however I cook them at home then I know what ingredients are in them. A cake cooked at home has flour, water, milk, eggs you get my point. I also removed pre packed pasta sauce bottles these are extremely high in sodium. Sodium the other secret killer in your diet, (if you would like to know more shoot me a messge on my facebook page).

The best foods by far are whole foods. That means foods with only one ingredient. The majority of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. Most people dread eating vegetables especially, but it is important to realise that this is only because your taste buds have gotten too used to fatty and sugary foods. The more fruits and vegetables you begin to eat, the more your taste buds will adjust and the more you will enjoy eating those foods. Eventually, you will begin to enjoy healthy foods more than the foods you were used to eating.

Since I know the transition into a very clean diet can be difficult due to sugar cravings and such, shoot me a message on facebook and I will send you a list of good tasting recipes that you can use to slowly adjust yourself to a healthier lifestyle. I will give you the recipes that I personally use to this day in order to maintain my health and vitality.

My Mind Is Telling Me I Am Hungry?

Our body is an intelligent machine. It will tell you what it needs, so be sure to listen to it. However, sometimes our minds can get in the way and confuse us. You may think you are hungry when really all you need is to drink some water. You may “think” you are hungry when you don’t “feel” hungry. This is a trick of the mind. Try to listen to your body instead of your mind whenever you are aware of it. The mind will tell you what you WANT, but the body will tell you what you NEED. The key to overcoming food addiction or the tendency to overeat is to begin listening to your body as much as possible and to refrain from giving in to the desires of the mind.

Remember you have to realise that cravings are all in your head”

Tip: When you do get a craving place some toothpaste in your mouth. Brushing your teeth tricks the brain into thinking something sweet has been ingested. Carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you at all times. When a craving arises go to the rest room and brush. You'll stave the hunger; have clean teeth and minty fresh breath.

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