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A bride’s biggest nightmare…the dress doesn’t fit!

"The Diary Of Mature Bride To Be"

10 weeks until the wedding and the bride doesn’t fit into her wedding gown!....straight from the horses mouth! It’s mine!


Every bride dreams of that perfect day, looking fabulous in their bridal gown. And I am no exception to the rule. Yes my big day is New Years Eve this year and I have been on series of training and eating programs for the past few months to ensure I look amazing.

3 weeks ago it was time for me to go and retry my wedding dress on to ensure I was on track. I stepped into my beautiful gown and slid it up as my sister started to do up the back of the dress I could feel a tightness. I breathed in hoping this would help thus no it did not.

My sister quietly advised that it didn’t look like it was going to do up, she continued to try and I gasped STOP don’t force it! As I was looking into the mirror with my dress bulging at the top because it wasn’t done up I knew I had gone backwards with my weighteven though I thought I was doing really well with my eating and training.

At this moment I had 3 choices1) Panic and buy a new dress, 2) Starve myself until the wedding or 3) Review what I was doing and reset my eating and training program. I decided to go with 3!


Yes, for the first few days after this moment I was very disappointed in what had just occurred. I didn’t want to be a fat bride!


It was time to up my game; if I truly wanted this then I need to take it seriously.


Months early my fiancé and I decided to eat a high protein diet as recommended by fitness leaders and one of the meal plans for this is to eat steak and nuts for breakfast. So each morning for breakfast we had a piece of meat (carefully weighed to my requirement), which could be kangaroo, steak, lamb, pork or chicken and only a handful of nuts (cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, whichever).


The first thing I did was remove-eating meat for breakfast. I swapped this over to egg whites with veggies while keeping the nut component for the healthy fats..


The crazy thing is by doing this one change in my eating I actually dropped a ½ a dress size within a week. See what I didn’t know was that my body was having problems digesting the meat first thing in the morning and was causing me to retain fluid in my body.


We talk about foods and how important a role they play in our weight goals however this was a real eye opener for me. I didn’t think what I was eating was wrong!


I moved my eating to increase the amount of fish I am eating. White fish was the new plan. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt inside and I had increased my energy levels by ten fold.


By week 2, I had released 2kg of weight and I was feeling pumped. I had to continue this momentum.  I implemented a morning walk every morning, even on weekends before breakfast and then at night I would do my weight training. My evening workouts take about 40mins to complete compromising weights finishing off with some cardio. I needed to ensure that I got my heart rate up during these weight sessions. I work the large muscles groups at least 3 times a week because working the larger muscles groups burns the most calories.


Three weeks in and I have managed to drop nearly 2 dress sizes. Now most people will be saying that is too fast. And I agree that this can be the case in some situations. However this is not a diet that I am on, this is an eating and lifestyle change. Thus I am still having my cheat meals on a weekend however due to changes in my eating my body isn’t even looking for those sugar fixes as much as it was.  The food I am consuming is giving me the nutrients my body needs to feel satisfied and I am not starving it by trying to focus on calorie reduction.


I highly recommend your watch the movie “The Sugar Film” this is great explain of how counting calories doesn’t work with weightloss. As demonstrated by Damon, he ate the same amount of calories during the filming as he had before undertaking the experiment (just changing the type of foods) yet he gained nearly 8kgs during the experiment! Remember “A CALORIE DOES NOT EQUAL A CALORIE”

Another noticeable change in the few weeks since I made these eating changes, I found an increase of energy. Waking up in the morning with vigor, which as a result makes me look forward to my morning walk.


I ask you this…wouldn’t you like to feel amazing when you wake up in the morning?...Having experienced it first hand I know I am not going back to what I call a “Food Hangover.”


Stop worrying about calories and think about how your body is using what foods you put in….that is the key!

Stay tuned for the next dress fitting….will it do up? 


Good Health Begins At Home - Rochelle 

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