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What to do when out of routine

Keeping to your routine of training and healthy eating can be hard at the best of times, add in a holiday or having to be away for work and things really can get pear shaped!! So should you just give up while you are away from your normal routine? What can you do to keep yourself happy, healthy and active during these times?
Let’s go over the most common trips away and see what we can come up with.


What to do for food

  •   Don’t over think it!!!

  •   If staying in accommodation find somewhere that has a kitchen or at least some sort of cooking faculties

  •   Shop for food as soon as you have settled your bags in.

  •   There is no reason why you can’t provide yourself with good healthy food if you are able to cook it yourself.

  •   If you are camping take with you supplies that will last but provide good nutrition. Things like homemade

    beef jerky, dried fruit and trail mix are all great options for on the road.

  •   Invest in a camping oven. You can mix up a great stew and leave it to cook in the coals for a few hours.

  •   Again, most camping grounds are close to towns where you can stock up as needed.

  •   When you want to eat out pick carefully from the menu and find the most nutritious food. This is something

    that you should do whenever you are eating out, not just when out of routine. Most places will adjust the

    meal for you if you ask. Be firm with how you want your meal, after all it’s your health that is on the line.

  •   Planning ahead leads to success don’t leave it up to chance because it won’t work!!


What to do for exercise

  •   Most hotels and motels have a pool and gym. Make use of them! Just because they might not have all the equipment that you would usually use does not mean that you can’t do a workout.

  •   Walking and running a new area is usually a great way to sightsee, just make sure you keep your own safety in mind.

  •   When on holiday stressing about fitting in workouts can add stress when you are meant to be unwinding (or working if it’s a business trip), don’t stress about it, do what you can.

  •   It’s a good idea to plan ahead and find out where the local gyms are, what types of activities you could be doing, eg hiking, swimming, climbing, and riding. Let your imagination take you to do things that you might never have done before.

  •   Bodyweight workouts are always a good way to get a quick 20mins intense exercise into your day. Do it first thing in the morning or you might keep putting it off and miss doing it entirely.

  •   Play!! Why should the kids have all the fun?! At Primal Movement I teach people how to play again, it’s amazing how much you can sweat when you are having fun!!

    Breaks in your routine don’t have to bring stress. With proper forethought and planning you can have your holiday (or business trip) and come back feeling refreshed and recreated. I hope this helps with your next trip away. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or comments.

    Sample bodyweight workout

    Remember to do a quick warm up and cool down for each

    Every Minute on the Minute for 20 Minutes

    15 squats 8 pushups 5 burpees

    As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes

    20m commando crawl 10 standing long jumps 10 pushups
    10 squat jumps

    Sprint back to starting line Repeat

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