Inspire FT2 Voted BEST Smith Machine

Inspire FT2 Review - Your Health and Wellness Journey with Rochelle Finch Lagoá

New BLACK FT2 Smith Machine


A recent independent review on Smith Machines was conduct by David head personal trainer and chief editor at Fit&Me.  Because one of the reasons the Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional trainer was voted the #1 Smith Machine out of a high quality line up of gyms, is because it is ​ideally suited for beginners and advanced weight lifters!

So often some of the well known gym brands create a piece of equipment that is only designed with the experienced weight lifters or athletes in mind. Not so with the Inspire Ft2!

"if you have the Inspire Fitness FT2, you really don’t need any other weight training device at all."

David - Fit and Me

The FT2 allows to you to workout at home safely even if you do not have a spotter. With its smart integration smith system there is no unloading of weight plates off the smith bar.

One key point of the FT2 smith bar is that the smith machine bar has a unique design feature that allows it to use the weight stack off the functional trainer component.

No need to worry about someone leaving those heavy 25kg Weight Plates on the smith bar like when you are at the gym!!! All you need to do is pull the pin out and change the weight you need via the easy to access weight stack!

It is as SIMPLE as that!

Check out the video below on the Inspire FT2 daily WOD and see for yourself how versatile this smith machine really is!

FT2 Daily WOD


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