The Ultimate Calorie Burner on the Market Today! The all H-Series VersaClimber Reveals the Future of Home Fitness Training!


The health and fitness industry just got its wake-up call: Elite Fitness Equipment is proud to support the latest innovation: The VersaClimbing combines both lower and upper body exercise into one natural vertical climbing motion; It's like having two cardio machines for the price of one, and within such a small area of space


Melbourne, Victoria— Elite Fitness Maidstone has officially put the health and fitness industry on notice: The VersaClimber has been proven to be more effective at melting away ugly fat than Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers, and Bikes.


As Rochelle Finch added, “For 30 years, VersaClimber, with its patented vertical climbing design, has been providing the #1 cardio solution for getting rid of ugly fat and calories--while building a stronger healthier heart."


Elite Fitness Equipment has identified time and space is most important to personal trainers, families and individuals when it comes to exercise:


•   Time – people need to be able to exercise for a shorter period of time, not have to wait to use individual pieces of equipment from a gym.

•   Space – is precious these days, being able to park your car in the garage and still have room for your fitness equipment is really important to our clients.

•   Tidy - no need to have a messy exercise area.


More reasons to love the VersaClimber its is Gentle on Knees Joints and Hips. The VersaClimber is a zero impact machine so there's no pounding on knees and joints--it's ideal for people who have previous lower body injuries or for those who want to simply avoid high impact exercise.


Don't have time for the Gym? Schedule too busy? Using a VersaClimber all it takes is less than 20 minutes to an improved look, health, and life style. VersaClimbing in the privacy of your home is convenient, private and more importantly, safe.


The best investment you can make--is your health. VersaClimber will help you realize your fitness goals. The One That Does it All--Step, walk, jog, run or climb vertically against gravity in a smooth rhythmic motion. 2 in 1 Exerciser.


The complete training system is available for immediate purchase at Elite Fitness Equipment.


Elite Fitness Equipment has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. We have a wide range of products available to help you and your families achieve all of their health and fitness goals

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