Stop the Size Zero
Today there is more expectation and pressure on how a person looks with no genuine concern for the person inside and their health.


Every minute of the day somebody is coming up with some new beaut diet “This will work, no more excuses this is the magic pill you have been looking for.”

Then there are the instant fads, use this product for 3-minutes a day and you too will like this super model. Bull Shit! Don’t fall for the marketing spin.


I can promise you that NO model uses a “3-minute wonder machine” to get that ripped fit looking body that you see posing next to the product in the ad (unless they are paid to!)!


During my years working as a model there really was 2 things that gave a model her looks; 1) Starve herself, Yes they would rather throw up their food than sweat! 2) Hit the gym and train. I chose option 2!

Having trained along side Miranda Kerr (at the launch of her modeling career), she would regularly be spotted working out at Club BJ’s Health Club in Brisbane. Miranda was not one to ask for the 3-minute miracle workout rather than happy to jump into an hour training session.


I have way too many girlfriends who have been on diets most of their lives from diet shakes, lemon detox diet, to Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers. It’s frustrating, I see people just like you wasting so much money and time on these fad diets and equipment with hopes that this time it will be different.


How can you spend your life on a diet? How is that enjoying life? Why is it that we as a society are only interested in the instant quick fix? Who wants to know it takes 12 weeks to see results or 21 days to change a habit?


It’s time to focus on being healthy and the rest will come.  No matter what is going on in your body you will benefit from eating healthy foods, getting some regular exercise as you start to do these things then everything else will take care of itself. You will sleep better, find a healthy weight, be more energized, and feel more confident and much more.


Let’s stop the size zero and the unhealthy lifestyle it brings and let’s work together in educating our friends/family and children on the importance of being healthy so that our bodies can be in it best possible shape in order to meet the demands of our lifestyle.


Good Health Begins at Home



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