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The Snowball Result of Exercise

The Snowball Result of Exercise

The Snowball Result of Exercise

Everyday all that we do in this universe has a trickle-down effect that comes along with it. If we smile at others, others smile back at us; if we are feeling depressed, others will pick up on that and become uneasy as well. This is what we call the snowball effect. Did you realise, that exercise could have a snowball effect as well?

Fortunately it can! Exercising is not only good for you; it is good for everyone around you as well. There are so many encouraging effects on ourselves from exercising, yet we do not appreciate how many positive results it can have on those around us at the same time.


Exercise – The Wellbeing Benefits to Others

We all know that exercise has healthy heart benefits and keeps our joints and muscles durable. Yet, did you know that exercise also has health benefits to others? When we exercise, we take care of our bodies. We rid our bodies of toxins and we ensure that our system known as the human body is functioning at it’s maximum potential.

When we keep our bodies healthy, we have more power to ward off sickness, disease, and even common ailments that may otherwise have had a chance to develop and flourish in an otherwise motionless body.


What Benefit's the Body, Benefit’s the Soul

When you workout, of course you see results on your physical body; however, did you ever notice the effects it has on your soul? Notice the alteration between when you consistently exercise and when you miss a routine or even a week for that matter. Do you notice that you are a little more irritable or a bit more down in the dumps?

Exercise releases so many things that can surge your mood while increasing your metabolism. Exercising has a trickle-down force that runs from your body into your soul.


If You Are Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands

Did you ever notice when you are in a filthy mood, it seems to have a spiral effect on your partner, your co-workers, and your family. However, if you are cheerful and confident, that seems to flow through the universe like wildfire.

Exercise makes you happy! Thinking about it or agonizing about how you will do it or not having sufficient time may be a obstacle you have to leap, however once you do it, the feeling of accomplishment and self-satisfaction and all those good endorphins are presented to every person you encounter.

You may run into a sales assistant who is having a rotten day, and your cheery outlook and healthy smile may change or break the cycle for them to have a better day themselves.


As you can see, exercise can have a snowball effect; one in which other individuals could look to join in on and throw some snowballs themselves.


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