Weight Loss Mistakes
First it is important to note that fitness and diet works together for individuals who want to have a healthy lifestyle. Both fitness and diet are almost identical with one another.


If you are considering taking so called “Magic Diet Pills” you have to be careful of the brands that are advertising these diet products, they are generally not that effective. There are a lot of pills and shakes available on the market today that can provide you with so called easy weight loss solutions. Be careful since these products may result in severe side effects on your health. Even though these products may give you temporary weight loss, in the long run they can result in serious damage to your body.


If you do not eat well, it doesn’t matter how many visits you make to the gym you will not achieve the fitness level that you want to achieve. Your overall best results can only be attained once you combine both exercise and diet.


Diet and fitness work hand in hand, it simply means that you should make use of your fitness routines in order to effectively burn fat while your diet-eating plan should be properly organised to provide your body with all the needed nutrients and fuel in order to keep it fit as well as healthy.


Remember weighing yourself is not the only means of tracking your health and fitness journey. Do not base the weight on the scale as the only gauge to see if you have lost weight, since it can be quite misleading. If the results on the scale doesn’t show that you have lost weight, (which might not be true), you end up getting disheartened and end up quitting on your diet plan.  You maybe losing fat and replacing this with muscle mass. Which as a result can sometimes not reflect via the weight on the scale. You should consider gauging your results by your newly gained endurance; energy levels, sleep patterns, skin appearance and how you’re clothing fits.  This will give you a truer reflection on your overall health and fitness goals.


My challenge to you - only weigh yourself once a week. Get yourself a notebook or your smartphone and record at the end of each day how you feel in the areas like energy level, sleep patterns, overall appearance etc. Lets give the scales a skip from the every day weigh in’s.


Good Health Begins At Home


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