Force USA F50 Plate-Loaded All In One Trainer - V2

$2,499.95 $3,299.95

Force USA F50 Plate-Loaded All In One Trainer


    • 2:1 Cable Ratio
    • Assembled Dimensions: 210cm (W) x 175cm (D) x 232cm (H)
    • Max Pulley Loading: 110KG per side
    • Max Loading (Smith Machine with safeties): 300KG
    • Chin up bar loading: 300KG
    • Designed for home, studio or light commercial use
    • Crate Dimension: 220cm x 62cm x 44cm

Included with the Force USA Multi Functional Trainer

Smith Machine Fixed Barbell
Front Safeties
Tricep Rope
Lat Pulldown Bar
Adjustable Nylon D Handles
Landmine Attachment
Dip Handles
Bicep/Tricep Pushdown Bar
Single Ankle Strap
8 Link Chainset
Foam Knee Support
Low Row Footplate


This product is covered by the following warranty – Lifetime Frame (against manufacturing defects) 2 Year Parts, 90 Days Cables