Bodycraft Cable Pull Station - 2022 Model



When brand and quality is important to you! Stick with the leading industry strength brands such as Bodycraft which is synonyms for high quality gym equipment.

Very little space required with the Cable Pull Station, while offering a very wide range of motion and excellent adjustability. With its single column and dual cable pulley design, the Bodycraft Cable Pull Station combines all the general advantages that functional trainers have, yet in an extremely compact space.

Cable Gym Feature

  • Occupies only a quarter of a square meter. This is a truly compact functional trainer that is ideal to adapt in any corner of a room.

  • Equipped with two pulleys that can perform exercise both with one or two hands for butterflies. Two hooks could be connected for higher resistance.

  • 32 height adjust positions and two 180-degree-rotatable pulleys allows a full range of motion.

  • Bracket frames are integrated to drill on the wall for more stability.

Maximum Weight Capacity: 200lbs

Assembled Dimension: 60.7cm (L) x 53.6cm (W) x 202.7cm (H)


This product is covered by the following warranty – Lifetime Frame (against manufacturing defects) 1 Year Parts