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Deluxe Hip Thrust

Deluxe Hip Thrust

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Product Description:

Powerful and stable Hip Thrust device designed for home training and commercial use. A padded waist harness provides extra comfort and the possibility of heavier loads. There is also the option of using elastic for extra resistance. Safety locks on two sides with simple release mechanism.

The Pivot Fitness P677HT is a device with which the Hip Thrust exercise can be performed. You don’t need to use a separate barbell and you can take a correct position quite easily. An ideal device for the home, physical practice or personal training studio!

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty designed for home and commercial use.
  • Dual bearings on backpad provides excellent working feeling and also stability.
  • Padded waist harness provides extra comfort and possible for heavier load.
  • Band pegs to accommodate rubber bands for extra resistance.
  • Dual sides safety catches with easy releasing mechanism.

Warranty:1 Year


  • Weight, kg: 98.00
  • Brand: Pivot
  • Max weight load, kg: 360.00
  • Measure fitted L, cm: 156.00
  • Measure mounted B, cm: 131.00
  • Measure mounted H, cm: 86.00
  • Weight in packaging, kg: 103.00


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