Force USA Monster G3 All In One Trainer


Force USA Monster G3 All In One Trainer

Monster G3 the "All In One Training Gym System" which allows you to perform over 75+ different exercises. Keeping your training area tidy is easy with built-in storage for your barbells, weight plates and cable attachments.

Satisfy your strength training goals in the privacy and comfort of your own home with the Force USA Monster G3!

Power Cage Features

    • Multi-grip chin up bar

    • Functional Trainer

    • Power Rack

    • Smith Machine

    • Cable Crossover

    • J-Hooks and Safeties

Whats Included With The Power Rack?

    • Cambered Bar

    • Single Handle (Nylon) (Pair)

    • Triceps Rope

    • Short Bar

    • Straight Bar (long)

    • Close Grip Row Handle

    • 6x Plate Holders

    • 12x Spring Collars (50mm)

    • 10x Spring Collars (25mm)

    • Core Trainer (Rotating Holder)

    • Barbell Holder

    • Multi-grip Chin Bar

    • J-Hook (Short) (Pair)

    • J-Hook /Safety (long)(pair)

    • Barbell Row Handle

    • Band Pegs

    • Ankle Strap

    • Attachment Storage

    • 15-link Chain

Max Weight: 450kg rack

Assembled Dimensions: 130cm(W) x 193.0cm(D)x 220.0cm(H)

Attachment Options

    • F-G3-LEGPRESS vertical leg press

    • F-G3-CHIN01 includes 32mm and 50mm chin up bars

    • F-G3-SEAT ideal for lat pulldowns

    • F-STABILITYB stabilizer bar and pad


This product is covered by the following warranty – Lifetime Frame (against manufacturing defects) 1 Year Parts