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5 Reason's Why You Should Be Using A Sit/Stand Desk

5 Reason's Why You Should Be Using A Sit/Stand Desk

Why a Sit Stand Desk?

A 9 to 5 work day requires a lot of sitting and can be the result of bad posture, bad health and fatigue. Sitting for long periods of time is now being referred to the new smoking.

The SIT/STAND DESK was designed to incorporate more movement into your work day and to benefit your overall health.

Here are the top five reasons why people love the sit/stand desk option at work:

• People who stand activelty burn, on average, 50 more calories per hour.

• It gives you the option to stand or sit; you are not committed to one.

• Standing helps alleviate back pain that results from sitting all day.

• Standing helps keep your blood flowing through your body, which helps keep your energy level up.

• Standing benefits posture and core strength.



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