Benefit Of Rower Machine

Benefit Of Rower Machine

Beginners Guide To Rowing Machines


So you have decided it is time to take up some form of exercise program! Choosing an exercise program can be overwhelming, especially if you're a newbie. Getting in shape doesn't mean you have to scale mountains or hit the pavement for a strenuous run.


Adding a rowing machine to your fitness plan is a great way to improve your overall health, plus it's low impact on the joints and easy for all ages and fitness levels.


A rowing machine is essentially a piece of exercise equipment that mimics the motion of rowing a boat in water, making it a full body workout! Because of the total body workout, it makes it one of the fastest and most effective workouts available.


Benefits Of Rowing Machine:

·      Great for weight loss, burn calories faster,

·      Helps tone and build muscles,

·      Increasing stamina,

·      improved cardiovascular fitness,

·      Develop both your upper and lower body


An indoor rower has often been an afterthought to a treadmill or exercise bike, however once you understand the benefits of a rower there is no turning back!

Once you have decided that a rowing machine is right for you, the next is to decide on what type of rower you need and fits your budget!

Rowers come in a few different styles these include:

  • Air rowing machines

  • Hydraulic rowers

  • Magnetic rowing machines

  • Water rowers


The feel and comfort of the rower is very personal and because of this we highly recommend you visit one of our showrooms around Australia to test the rowers out for yourself.

When you buy the right rower for you, The rowing machine can be the best piece of equipment in your home gym.



Good Health Begins At Home

Rochelle Finch Lagoa 
January 16, 2020 — Sean Elite
Inspire FT2 Voted BEST Smith Machine

Inspire FT2 Voted BEST Smith Machine

Inspire FT2 Review - Your Health and Wellness Journey with Rochelle Finch Lagoá

New BLACK FT2 Smith Machine


A recent independent review on Smith Machines was conduct by David head personal trainer and chief editor at Fit&Me.  Because one of the reasons the Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional trainer was voted the #1 Smith Machine out of a high quality line up of gyms, is because it is ​ideally suited for beginners and advanced weight lifters!

So often some of the well known gym brands create a piece of equipment that is only designed with the experienced weight lifters or athletes in mind. Not so with the Inspire Ft2!

"if you have the Inspire Fitness FT2, you really don’t need any other weight training device at all."

David - Fit and Me

The FT2 allows to you to workout at home safely even if you do not have a spotter. With its smart integration smith system there is no unloading of weight plates off the smith bar.

One key point of the FT2 smith bar is that the smith machine bar has a unique design feature that allows it to use the weight stack off the functional trainer component.

No need to worry about someone leaving those heavy 25kg Weight Plates on the smith bar like when you are at the gym!!! All you need to do is pull the pin out and change the weight you need via the easy to access weight stack!

It is as SIMPLE as that!

Check out the video below on the Inspire FT2 daily WOD and see for yourself how versatile this smith machine really is!

FT2 Daily WOD


You can read more about the reviews on all the smith machines by visiting


April 17, 2019 — Sean Elite
Tip 1 On How To Buy A Treadmill For Home

Tip 1 On How To Buy A Treadmill For Home

Buy A Treadmill - Beginners Guide How To

Thinking about buying a treadmill and you are not sure what the difference is between $400 or $5000 treadmill? It is important to buy the right treadmill for your requirements, running, walking, jogging etc. To ensure that you get many years out of your investment.

A lot of people believe that a treadmill can be compared based on specifications. However this is not true!  Not all specifications measurements are the same.

In this weeks buying guide to a Treadmill, Rochelle shares her tips and demonstrates why incline levels are not the same on all treadmills.

Watch this VLog to learn more


You can see why buying a treadmill on specifications is not the only way to find a treadmill suitable for you and your family. Because of that we recommend that you come in store for a FREE one on one consultation, with our Treadmill experts. They will help you to match the right treadmill for your needs and budget.

Treadmills have many benefits to help you reach your health and fitness goals as long as you buy the correct machine for you!
June 02, 2016 — Sandra Elite
Discovery a Bride to be secrets to weight loss

Discovery a Bride to be secrets to weight loss

A bride’s biggest nightmare…the dress doesn’t fit!

"The Diary Of Mature Bride To Be"

10 weeks until the wedding and the bride doesn’t fit into her wedding gown!....straight from the horses mouth! It’s mine!


Every bride dreams of that perfect day, looking fabulous in their bridal gown. And I am no exception to the rule. Yes my big day is New Years Eve this year and I have been on series of training and eating programs for the past few months to ensure I look amazing.

3 weeks ago it was time for me to go and retry my wedding dress on to ensure I was on track. I stepped into my beautiful gown and slid it up as my sister started to do up the back of the dress I could feel a tightness. I breathed in hoping this would help thus no it did not.

My sister quietly advised that it didn’t look like it was going to do up, she continued to try and I gasped STOP don’t force it! As I was looking into the mirror with my dress bulging at the top because it wasn’t done up I knew I had gone backwards with my weighteven though I thought I was doing really well with my eating and training.

At this moment I had 3 choices1) Panic and buy a new dress, 2) Starve myself until the wedding or 3) Review what I was doing and reset my eating and training program. I decided to go with 3!


Yes, for the first few days after this moment I was very disappointed in what had just occurred. I didn’t want to be a fat bride!


It was time to up my game; if I truly wanted this then I need to take it seriously.


Months early my fiancé and I decided to eat a high protein diet as recommended by fitness leaders and one of the meal plans for this is to eat steak and nuts for breakfast. So each morning for breakfast we had a piece of meat (carefully weighed to my requirement), which could be kangaroo, steak, lamb, pork or chicken and only a handful of nuts (cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, whichever).


The first thing I did was remove-eating meat for breakfast. I swapped this over to egg whites with veggies while keeping the nut component for the healthy fats..


The crazy thing is by doing this one change in my eating I actually dropped a ½ a dress size within a week. See what I didn’t know was that my body was having problems digesting the meat first thing in the morning and was causing me to retain fluid in my body.


We talk about foods and how important a role they play in our weight goals however this was a real eye opener for me. I didn’t think what I was eating was wrong!


I moved my eating to increase the amount of fish I am eating. White fish was the new plan. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt inside and I had increased my energy levels by ten fold.


By week 2, I had released 2kg of weight and I was feeling pumped. I had to continue this momentum.  I implemented a morning walk every morning, even on weekends before breakfast and then at night I would do my weight training. My evening workouts take about 40mins to complete compromising weights finishing off with some cardio. I needed to ensure that I got my heart rate up during these weight sessions. I work the large muscles groups at least 3 times a week because working the larger muscles groups burns the most calories.


Three weeks in and I have managed to drop nearly 2 dress sizes. Now most people will be saying that is too fast. And I agree that this can be the case in some situations. However this is not a diet that I am on, this is an eating and lifestyle change. Thus I am still having my cheat meals on a weekend however due to changes in my eating my body isn’t even looking for those sugar fixes as much as it was.  The food I am consuming is giving me the nutrients my body needs to feel satisfied and I am not starving it by trying to focus on calorie reduction.


I highly recommend your watch the movie “The Sugar Film” this is great explain of how counting calories doesn’t work with weightloss. As demonstrated by Damon, he ate the same amount of calories during the filming as he had before undertaking the experiment (just changing the type of foods) yet he gained nearly 8kgs during the experiment! Remember “A CALORIE DOES NOT EQUAL A CALORIE”

Another noticeable change in the few weeks since I made these eating changes, I found an increase of energy. Waking up in the morning with vigor, which as a result makes me look forward to my morning walk.


I ask you this…wouldn’t you like to feel amazing when you wake up in the morning?...Having experienced it first hand I know I am not going back to what I call a “Food Hangover.”


Stop worrying about calories and think about how your body is using what foods you put in….that is the key!

Stay tuned for the next dress fitting….will it do up? 


Good Health Begins At Home - Rochelle 
November 11, 2015 — Sandra Elite
Burn Fat Fast with HIIT Workouts

Burn Fat Fast with HIIT Workouts

High intensity workouts are not for the faint of heart. If you're serious about burning calories and want to see some serious results right away, using high intensity workouts can be one fast shortcut to your destination.

Using HIIT workouts requires concentration and determination. Your muscles, lungs and heart are going to be screaming for you to stop, but you need to keep going anyway.

Here's what you need to do when commencing a HIIT workout.....Which will blast some calories off your body in a single exercise session.

==> Start with Stretching and Warm-Up

A lot of people consider stretching and warming up optional. If you plan on doing high intensity workouts, however, these two steps cannot be optional at all.

The risk of injury without stretching and warming up are quite high. Also, you won't be able to work out as hard if you're not properly warmed up beforehand.

Start by stretching your entire body for 3-5 minutes. Then get on the treadmill or stationary bike and exercise at a moderate pace for 7 minutes.

This will get your blood pumping and your body ready for your high intensity workout.

==> Go at 90% of Maximum Heart Rate

High intensity workouts typically involve going at about 90% of your maximum heart rate. Use the heart rate monitor on your gym's workout machines or your own heart rate monitor to gauge how hard you're working out.

How long should you go for? The goal is to push your body until your body is so tired that it'll need the entire rest of the day to recover from the workout.

This gets your body into a state called EPOC or "Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption." In other words, you'll be burning weight for the entire rest of the day.

In the beginning, your ability to push yourself hard might not be that high. However, as you get more practice with high intensity training, you'll be able to go longer and longer periods of time at this 90% heart rate.

==> A Few Exercises You Can Try

What kinds of exercises are well suited for high intensity training?

Running and cycling are two of the most popular choices. These two choices are easy to perform and easily get your heart rate up. A lot of people also find them to be the most enjoyable exercise for them.

On the other hand, you've got more fringe exercises that also work quite well.

Boxers find that jump ropes work great for high intensity training. You can push yourself very far using just a single jump rope. You can check out HIIT Skip run by THE HIIT MUM in Melbourne.

Another possibility is rowing. Rowing equipment is underused in most gyms, but it really works out your cardiovascular system along with many major muscle groups.

Again, high intensity workouts aren't for everyone. They get results and they get results fast! It is recommend that you only complete 3 HIIT sessions per week. If you are unsure please contact your local GP.
September 24, 2015 — Sandra Elite
Principles of Heart Rate Training

Principles of Heart Rate Training

Principles of Heart Rate Training


As your intensity increase, so does your heart rate. Training the heart rate revolves around exercising at an intensity (heart rate) that is specific to your goals. Scientific evidence indicate that the body responds differently to the varying levels of intensity.

  • At low intensities, your body’s main fuel source is stored fats.

  • At high intensities the main fuel source is carbohydrates.

It is generally accepted that intensity levels (training zones) can be broken into four main categories – Moderate exercise, weight management, improved fitness and performance enhancement.


These zones are calculated as a percentage of ones maximum heart rate.

Moderate Exercise  50 – 60% of Maximum heart rate
Weight Management  60 – 70% Of Maximum heart rate
Improved Fitness  70 – 85% Of Maximum heart rate
Performance  85 – 100% Of Maximum heart rate



By exercising in the training zone specific to your goals you are able to maximise your training time, therefore producing faster resultswithout wasting time or energy unnecessary.


To obtain your maximum heart rate, simply subtract your age from 220. For example, 35 years old would have a maximum heart rate of 185.


To ensure that you achieve your fitness goals, ask one of our trained consultant’s for advise on what piece of equipment will best suit your training needs.

Our consultants have had years of training experience and can offer useful tips on reaching your exercise goals Book an appoinment now - Click Here 
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The Single Best Thing about Running on Treadmills

The Single Best Thing about Running on Treadmills

The Single Best Thing about Running on Treadmills

Cardio Training has had a pretty bad wrap in the fitness industry of late, thanks to the growing popularity of fitness competitions and power lifting but what these muscle clad cardio haters are forgetting is three things.

1) Some people simply like to go for a run. Running to some brings a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment that these guys just don’t get.

2) If you are training for a running event, in particular a marathon or ironman which takes months of preparation, along with work and family and general life, sometimes you just have to get that long run in when you can so that 8 degree Melbourne weather with, pouring rain is just not that inviting or after 6pm can be downright dangerous.

3) Having a gym membership just to use the treadmill is a waste. A waste of money, a waste of time and a waste of effort.

But make no mistake, treadmills offers a great alternative to walking or running outside as well as being much more versatile than outdoor walking or running especially in choosing your terrain or attributes.

Treadmills are a great investment because they are easy to setup, and use. There is no special training when using a treadmill that might be necessary when using weight training equipment or other fitness machines.

For an article on Top Tips when buying a treadmill, click here.
One of the biggest and most common fears I hear when people are considering buying a treadmill is that they won’t use it, click here, to make sure this does not happen to you.

One thing I really enjoy on the treadmill is the variety of the programs that you can choose depending in your level of fitness and what you are in the mood for but for a great workout on your treadmill, follow this 4 week treadmill program that I used through the winter to get me ironman ready, click here

The single best thing about running on your own treadmills in your own home I would have to say is that you get is freedom. Freedom, to select the music, the movie, the TV channel while you run the winter away.


Fisical Therapy

Massage Therapist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Personal Trainer

August 10, 2015 — Sandra Elite
13 Basic Treadmill Buying Tips You Must Know!

13 Basic Treadmill Buying Tips You Must Know!

Buying a treadmill? You'll undoubtedly be making several treadmill comparisons when doing your research.


For a long time treadmills have been a popular way for people to exercise in the comfort of their homes. The reason the treadmill is so popular is because people use them to lose weight, get in shape and maintain a certain fitness level all from their living room.


Before you purchase a treadmill you need to know what features to look for to be sure you are getting the best one for you and your families needs. Many people get sold on all of the 'neat' features of the treadmill - but don't ever consider if they'll really use them or if the treadmill itself is high quality!...


Having your treadmill motor blow up or your belt warp severely after only a few months use is not something you want, so here are a 13 basic treadmill buying tips you must know when making treadmill comparisons in order to find the best one for you.

1. Your first stop should be the nearest fitness specialty store. To make sure you get the best machine for your money. Products seen online look completely different when seen in person including, size, finish, noise, and construction.

2. Warranty - Any treadmill brand worth its weight will offer a nice warranty on their product. Usually the motor, parts, and labour will be covered under different warranties. Make sure you get at least a 5 year warranty on you motor. After the treadmill purchase make sure you abide by the warranty and send in any user registrations if required.

3. Walking Surface - How big is the surface you actually walk or run on? Make sure the width of your treadmill will be comfortable for everyone in your household (I prefer a 51cm Width) and also ensure the length is long enough for the long legged members of your family. When inspecting the belt, comfortable length and width should be your main concern. Get a belt that is too short and, with one foul step, you could end up slamming into a wall and being the next HIT on YouTube. But too large a belt makes the treadmill work harder, adding wear and tear to the motor. Thus you need to ensure the Belt and Motor Match Each Other.

4. Weight Limit - Most treadmills have a weight limit. Too much weight can put a strain on the frame, belt, and especially motor of the treadmill. Make sure your potential treadmill has a weight limit to accommodate all of its potential users to avoid putting undue wear and tear on your new treadmill.

5. Motor - Depending if you are walking or running, you can easily place 80 to 250% of your body weight on the treadmill every time your foot hits the belt. It is the motors job to take a beating and still keep a constant speed. Overall motor strength is measured in continuous horsepower however this is where things get tricky. Some cheaper treadmills advertise a deceptively higher peak horsepower rating to make up for below-average continuous-duty rating. And as a result these motors blow out, catch on fire and even cause electrocution to the user.

6. Test Things Out - Get on your treadmill and give it a test drive. Does everything work as the advertisement states? Try the heart monitor if it's a feature, does it appear to be working properly? Is the treadmill quiet to your liking, or will it be an annoyance when home? Are the displays big enough for you to see easily?

7. Safety - Make sure your new treadmill has an emergency stop mechanism. This can help prevent serious injuries during malfunction or accidents.

8. Additional Features - Treadmills come in many shapes and sizes with various features. Some additional features you may look for are a water bottle holder, calorie counter, bookstand, incline, and preset and programmable workout routines.

9. Price: When it comes to treadmills, the more you pay the better machine you will get. This is because you are paying for added accessories, quality parts and more stability. Compare it to buying a car. The basic model will do the job. You might become bored with the lack of extras, but if you are on a budget, this will do fine for you. Remember, you can always upgrade. Then there comes the mid-range model. More accessories are added, which can make the ride smoother and a bit livelier, and the price is still pretty sensible.If you are really in the mood to splurge, the high quality treadmills will shock you with more bells and whistles than you could ever dream of. Ask yourself this question– How many years do I expect to get out of my machine?....the more you spend on a quality machine the longer you will have it.

"This day an age it is nothing for people to buy a TV that costs $3000 to only upgrade it again in 2 years!

Yet a $3000 treadmill has a life expectancy of 10 years! That’s not a bad return compared to a TV!

And if you pay the treadmill off on interest free payment plan that is only $3.75 per day, less than a café latté!"

10. Stability: Stability ensures that your treadmill will not shake or wobble when you start to run on it. Make sure you wear your runners when shopping for treadmills, you will want to "test drive" certain models to see if they are stable enough for your running/walking form.You will want to be cautious of machines that shake or rattles when you are going full speed. A good stable ride will make a world of difference in your safety and will also cut down on the noise level. Also consider the motor noise, if you plan to read, watch the television or listen to music, a noisy motor will quickly become a big distraction.

11. Size: In the store and especially online, size can be deceiving. Make sure to measure the room which will be housing this machine and allow for plenty of "walk-around" space. When you are buying, check the dimensions. Size is not always an indicator of quality. It is always a good idea to bring a measuring tape with you to the store.

12. Cushioning is the ability of the treadmill to absorb the force of your step. Higher cushioning means lower impact on your joints and ligaments. Cushioning is extremely important as poor cushioning can cause injury and muscle strain.

13Will the retailer assemble the treadmill? These things aren’t small! And they don’t bend so don’t bother thinking you can shove a 100kg treadmill into the back of your sedan! Be realistic! So allow for this in your budget to pay a delivery and installation fee for the treadmill which is generally around the $100-$200 price point depending on access to your home. The best thing about having the treadmill installed in that it is set up, working and ready for you to use! And isn’t that why your brought it?.....



Exercising at home has many perks, especially among today’s time poor families. Studies have shown that people who have home fitness equipment are more likely to exercise consistently than those who have gym memberships or attend fitness classes. At home, the machine is right there in sight, calling your name. It is much easier to get a quick 15-minute workout in when you don’t have to find matching socks or fight through traffic.


So there you have it - keep these 13 points in mind when making your treadmill comparisons and you'll be well on your way to making an excellent treadmill purchase!


Happy Shopping
July 07, 2015 — Sandra Elite
[Treadmill Maintenance] -- 9 Helpful Tips For The Care Of Your Treadmill

[Treadmill Maintenance] -- 9 Helpful Tips For The Care Of Your Treadmill

So, you've spent the weeks you needed to research, try out, choose and finally purchase your brand new treadmill. You have gotten it assembled and begun your daily what now? Well, even the highest end commercial treadmills need a bit of love and affection to keep them purring like a kitten. This guide will show you everything you need to know to keep your treadmill in tip top shape.

Tip #1

IF you haven't already purchase a treadmill mat to go under your treadmill then I would strongly suggest you go out and purchase on today because despite what you think, a treadmill mat isn't as much for protecting your floor as for protecting your treadmill. A treadmill motor builds up huge static charge as you work out. Becuase of this the charge will suck dust, lint and debris into your motor, causing it to clog and run inefficiently. The more gunk in your motor the worse it will run and the shorter its lifespan will be. Sliding a nice treadmill mat underneath your equipment will help reduce that static and the amount of stuff getting sucked up in it. As a bonus, you'll also be protecting your floor and carpet.

Tip #2

Sticking with dust and dirt, make sure to dust/clean and vacuum your treadmill once a fortnight. Take special care with the belt area as any build up should be cleaned off right away or you'll risk reduced performance.

Tip #3

I know it's going to sound obvious, (however it is very common) make sure to keep your power cord well away from the base of the unit and the incline motor.

Tip #4

If you find your belt slipping, it may be because the belt tracking is off. You can adjust your tracking the same way you make sure the belt is properly aligned, with the alignment screws at the rear of your treadmill. An allen key is all you need. A quick quarter clockwise turn should tighten everything back up. Make sure never to turn either side more than a quarter turn at any given time because you the adjustments levels are very fine. Keeping your belt aligned will reduce the load on you treadbelt and belt guides. Check out your owner's manual for more information or call into your local Elite Fitness store and speak to one of our treadmill experts.

Tip #5

A lot of times the cause of misalignment on a treadmill belt is from the unit not being level. Make sure to get your treadmill level.

Tip #6

If your manual recommends the use of a silicone spray for lubrication, make sure to precisely follow application and scheduling instructions. "ONLY USE" TREADMILL Silicone Spray, do not use WD40 or any other type of silicone spray you think will work because it won't! 

"A clean, dry, dust-free bed and belt combination is ideal for a long-lasting treadmill."

Tip #7

One of the main problems on most treadmills (home and commercial) is in the control board. As with any computer, the treadmill's control board is subject to power surges, improper grounding and so on. The best way to protect your treadmill's computer brain is to unplug it when not in use and use a grounded plug when powered on.

Tip #8

Read your user's manual. Yes I know..."who really reads those darn things?" Well, you should. Just about everything you need to know will be found in that little book that came with your treadmill. Pop it open while you're in the bathroom for a good read.


Tip #9

Last but not least, if you are having trouble with your treadmill and need it fixed...then call the Treadmill Expertsi! That's what we do! (Ok, so it's a shameless plug...).


Follow these 9 simple steps and you'll be able to take care of your treadmill so it can continue to help take care of you for years to come


Happy Training
June 30, 2015 — Sandra Elite
2 Common Mistakes People Often Make When Using A Foam Roller

2 Common Mistakes People Often Make When Using A Foam Roller

2 Common Mistakes People Often Make When Using A Foam Roller.


These days, foam rollers are everywhere — the gym, your physiotherapist’s office and your best friends living room!. After all, foam rolling has emerged as the darling of the fitness world and the remedy for many different aches. Yet you have know idea how to use this round (daunting) appearing hard and painful tool!


Essentially, foam rolling is a form of self-massage, which gets rid of adhesions in your muscles and connective tissue. Foam rolling furthermore can help to increase blood flow to your muscles and creates improved mobility, helping with recovery and improving performance.


And that is why everyone tells you, you need to own one. Foam rolling offers tremendous potential to relieve pain and help you move better and who wouldn’t want to relieve that lower back pain, or that consistent throbbing in your knee?... if used the right way it is pure bliss! However if you are not shown how to use one correctly you could risk irritating, and possibly injuring, your body further.


Here’s a breakdown of two common mistakes people often make when using the foam roller.


Mistake 1 - Low-Back Pain


If your lower back hurts, foam roll your hips. Why? If your hips are really stiff, you're forced to bend at your waist instead. As a result this puts pressure on your lower back, especially if weight is added during an exercise and leads to pain and injury over time."


However the most common mistake people make especially when it comes to lower back pain is that they try to treat the lower back when in fact the pain is being caused from tension imbalances in other areas of your body.


Work on the key areas that attach/affect the lower back first, specifically the gluteus (buttocks) and hamstrings.


Once I changed my foam rolling exercises to work these areas my lower back pain reduced dramatically.

Mistake 2 - Knee Pain


Poor stability in your hip joint can cause your iliotibial (IT) band to overcompensate during exercise, leading to knee pain. In an attempt to minimise the pain, many people foam roll the wide strip of tendon on the outside of their thigh in hopes of loosening it. However, the IT band is like a chunk of leather, and it could take hours of foam rolling it to make any difference.


If your knees hurt, consider rolling the inside of your thigh instead. This can help decrease any inflammation in the muscles that pull on the knee joint.


Consider that even though you have knee pain, the origin of the problem may be above or below the point of pain, which means you shouldn’t only roll out around the knee but also up towards your hips and down toward your ankles.


Any muscle that can pull on the knee and cause misalignment or improper tracking can cause knee pain. A muscle group that can affect the alignment of our knees is our quads.


Many of people have tight quads and hips because we now sit more each day then we did years ago, we also have added increased inactive to our glutes. Because our glutes are inactive we tend to overuse our quads. This overuse of our quads as a result can cause poor movement patterns and extremely tight muscles, which can lead to knee pain.


Remember: Most importantly, understand what the origin of your pain is before you start your foam roller session. Know what you are attempting to accomplish through foam rolling and how to do it correctly. And don’t forget to stick with it. The benefit of self-massage is achieved with repeated use of using the roller.


Grab your foam roll before each workout, and say goodbye to your aching body. If you use the correct techniques, a foam roller can act like a really good, free masseuse.  If the pain persists or continues to get worse, see a qualified health professional.


Foam rolling not only prepares your body for the pressures of a workout, but it also relieves aches and prevents them from coming back.


To learn more about how to use a foam roller and its benefits attend one of our FREE in-store workshops. Join Now – Click Here


June 25, 2015 — Sandra Elite
Fit and Healthy and Over 60

Fit and Healthy and Over 60

It is true that you are only as old as you feel, just because you have grandchildren doesn't mean you need to act like a stereotypical grandparent. Keeping fit for many people is fun and there are plenty of ways to do that. Just the other day I saw a news article of a lady over 60 going skydiving.

Depending on what you can do, keeping in mind your heart health and joint health there is nothing stopping you from doing whatever you like.

 One of my personal training clients is 57, she has only recently started training with me, we have now introduced weight training into her exercise program. Starting with Squats and Deadlifts, light weights but she is already starting to see and feel the benefits. These benefits include increase muscle tone (less wobbly bits), easier walking up the stairs and carrying shopping bags.

Providing you are able (health implications would apply here) and maintain the correct safe technique at a weight suitable for yourself (always start low and build up if needed) I would advise resistance training to everyone. If you are contemplating joining a gym and starting an exercise plan it would be a good idea to talk to a personal trainer and ask for them to walk you through techniques and have them watch you do a few sets until you have it right and know how the exercise and movement should feel.

Aerobic exercise will also be beneficial to you including Walking, Cycling and Swimming 30mins of aerobic exercise every day is said to be the target.

‘Fun Fact a 1 Hour workout is only 4% of your day’

However, many people that I have worked with find it tedious to go for 30mins or so doing the same thing at the same pace. To these clients I suggest Interval Training or High Intensity Interval Training. You may have heard of this before or it might be new to you, so basically IT or HIIT is to work hard for a short duration of time and then go at a lower intensity to get your breath back and then repeat.

An example might be 20 seconds at a high intensity and 40 seconds at a lower intensity. As you get fitter and this starts to feel easy you can play with the timings either work for longer or rest shorter or both.

This form of training is far superior to what is known as steady state aerobic exercise and can be done anywhere there is no difference to what you can do. For instance you can do it while you walk, swim, cycle just changing your speed.

5 Benefits of Exercise

  1. Can increase bone density, reducing the chance of osteoporosis. Research shows that resistance training might also benefit those already diagnosed with osteoporosis.

  2. Helps improve stabilisation and balance, reducing the chances of trips and falls.

  3. Improved Weight Management reducing the effects of Weight related illnesses.

  4. Reduce High Blood Pressure

  5. Reduce levels of Stress

For any questions you can catch me on twitter @alexpowellpt I'm always happy to answer any fitness or nutrition questions.

Alex Powell


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June 12, 2015 — Sandra Elite
Workout With Metafit In Less Than 30 Minutes

Workout With Metafit In Less Than 30 Minutes

Recently we have seen a surge of new workout classes into our market. One in particular that has made an impact is Metafit™. So what is metafit™?...


A mere 30 minutes long, you don't need any fancy equipment for Metafit™ class. All the exercises - think sprints on the spot, squat variations, planks and our least favourite ever, Burpees! Bring together this 30minute workout that sees us using our own body weight and believe me, they're tough enough that way. A form of interval training or otherwise known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).



What is HIIT?

HIIT is an acronym for High Intensity Interval Training – this type of training involves cycles of short-burst high-intensity activity interspersed by recovery that aims to improve aerobic fitness. Because intensity is high, the duration of the session is short – any longer than 30 minutes and it’s not a HIIT workout. Metafit™ workouts are based on the HIIT principle that results in an efficient and effective form of exercise.


I am not fit can I still do a metafit™ class?

Yes, the exercises performed in a metafit™ session can be regressed or progressed to suit all fitness levels and abilities. Because everyone is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses you can accommodate your workout to suit your current threshold and the metafit™ trainer will ensure you are doing the exercise at a level that is appropriate for you.


Do I need co-ordination?

Metafit™ is un-choreographed, it’s not a dance or aerobics class..(thank god, since I have 2 left feet!). It is a selection of bodyweight exercises (think old-school exercises such as push-ups, squats, burpees, etc) done to great music with voice commands. Your metafit™ instructor will instruct correct technique for each exercise and assist you with maintaining correct form.


Is it really just 30 minutes?

Yes. All metafit™ sessions include a dynamic mobilisation warm-up, the main metafit™ set – depending upon the workout selected can last between 17-23 minutes, and a cool-down.


Do I need any special equipment or clothing?

No, however a water bottle, workout towel and an exercise mat will make your experience a little more comfortable. Ensure that you wear good supportive footwear (cross trainers or running shoes are ideal) and workout clothing that is breathable and provides support in all the right places! No more baggy trackie pants….go and buy yourself some nice new colourful leggings. Having a nice fitting workout gear how much more you feel motivated to go out and exercise will surprise you.


There are many ways you can do metafit™: lots of gyms are starting to do classes but there is also a great deal of independent instructors that a quick Google search will reveal. I really would recommend it if you're struggling for motivation and want something that isn't going to take hours out of your day go and participate in a metafit™ class.


Try it for yourself! Tuesday 23rd June at Elite Fitness Maidstone are holding 2 special metafit™ classes to be instructed by THE HIIT MUM, Colette McShane. Register here to join either the 6.30pm or 7.30pm class. Numbers are strictly limited…first in best dressed! Save My Spot
June 04, 2015 — Sandra Elite