Using a treadmill is a great way to start your weight loss program, rehabilitation training and ensuring the general maintenance of your fitness level.

Cardio exercised raise your heart rate to burn unwanted body fats. Johnsons Health Tech (JHT) have released a middle range treadmill – the HORIZON Adventure 3 Plus. Its features include quick start keys, a cushioned deck, MP3 outlets and HR monitors. The RRP of the HORIZON Adventure 3 Plus is $1,899 and includes a warranty that you can’t pass up.

The Adventure 3 Plus treadmill has a big surface area (181x86x137) allowing for a comfortable running deck. You will feel safe in the area provided while reaching your cardio goals. A large deck area also means that you can really feel the burn when tackling hill climbs and allows for some extra space when pushing past your boundaries and increasing speed.

When this treadmill is inactive, it has an easy fold option which decreases the surface area on the ground so that you can still have some precious floor area. The frame is heavily built, contributing to the 86.5 kilogram mass of this machine. Difficulty with moving the machine has been counteracted with mounted wheels to assist.

The Adventure 3 Plus is ideal for everyday use and can be used by all members in the family. The weight restriction is 135 kilograms max – if you weigh more than this maximum weight, you will need to purchase a larger and more expensive model to cater for your needs.

One of the best features of the Adventure 3 Plus is the built in PerfectFLEX Plus cushioning systems which allow for lower impact on your joints than a regular treadmill. This feature is particularly beneficial for those undergoing a rehabilitation program as it is considerate of assisting with your damaged limbs.

The HORIZON Adventure 3 Plus treadmill is perfect for your cardio exercise needs. It brings the outdoor experience indoors with its 0-10% incline feature so you can really feel the burn of running up hills in the comfort of your own home. It also ranges from 0.8-18KPH, allowing for all users to have a comfortable setting as well as a setting that really gets your heart racing and push past boundaries.

However, the screen is small and can be difficult to read when adjusting your setting and starting your programs. With the quick start key, the Adventure 3 Plus makes it easy to set your program and adjust the speed and the incline. It has 10 programs and allows for the treadmill to automatically change and challenge you to keep up. With programs such as interval, weight loss and HRC, this treadmill will help you reach your goals and encourage you to set new ones.

Cardio exercise is all about raising your heart rate to help you lose weight and maintain fitness. The optimal condition for weight loss includes exercising at 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. Although it may be a comfortable level, it is always good to push past and reach 90%.

The Adventure 3 Plus has heart rate grips and telematics to show your heart rate while working out. It also comes with a wireless heart rate strap to gain a more accurate reading of your heart rate. Also built into this treadmill is MP3 connectivity with speakers and in/out jacks so you can listen to your favourite tunes while doing your workout.

The warranty on the Adventure 3 Plus is incredible. There is a 2 year warranty for parts and labour, while the frame has a lifetime warranty. There is also a 5 year unconditional warranty on the drive motor. This gives you peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, it will be fixed! This offer makes the treadmill feel like a part of the family and really gets you the results you have been looking for!


Naomi Lewis

Recreation Consultant

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