Principles of Heart Rate Training

Principles of Heart Rate Training


As your intensity increase, so does your heart rate. Training the heart rate revolves around exercising at an intensity (heart rate) that is specific to your goals. Scientific evidence indicate that the body responds differently to the varying levels of intensity.

  • At low intensities, your body’s main fuel source is stored fats.

  • At high intensities the main fuel source is carbohydrates.

It is generally accepted that intensity levels (training zones) can be broken into four main categories – Moderate exercise, weight management, improved fitness and performance enhancement.


These zones are calculated as a percentage of ones maximum heart rate.

Moderate Exercise  50 – 60% of Maximum heart rate
Weight Management  60 – 70% Of Maximum heart rate
Improved Fitness  70 – 85% Of Maximum heart rate
Performance  85 – 100% Of Maximum heart rate



By exercising in the training zone specific to your goals you are able to maximise your training time, therefore producing faster resultswithout wasting time or energy unnecessary.


To obtain your maximum heart rate, simply subtract your age from 220. For example, 35 years old would have a maximum heart rate of 185.


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