5 to 9 is Killing our Families
Every 10 minutes a person in Australia suffers a heart attack. Male or female this number one killer does not discriminate with statics showing that it claims three times as many women’s lives as breast cancer. Yet, for most of us it’s not even on our radar.


Mothers and fathers are at their highest risk ever of potentially not reaching their retirement and watching their child grow because of their current diet & lifestyle habits.


The modern epidemic, the reason lots of people neglect their health is because they are working 5 to 9 and can’t fit it in their day.


In a world that seems to celebrate the new version of 5 to 9 working, the busyness, the always on call, taking the blackberry to bed, the biggest casualty in that lifestyle is our health and wellbeing.


As a result their modern lifestyles are currently switched onto stress mode. The problem is the lifestyle they are living in keeps the stress mode constantly switched on and their body does not know how to respond to situation.


“Once you are over 40 you have a 2 in 1 chance of suffering a heart attack”


According to statics published by the Heart Foundation:


  • Shockingly 14 Australian men die from a heart attack everyday

  • 4 Australia men have a heart attack every hour which is staggering

  • Heart disease robs one life every 26 minutes


According to Elite Fitness Equipment’s owner, Rochelle Finch, “The average Australian worker sits for 16 hours per day which includes being at work, commuting to work and watching TV.  They then sleep on average for 6.47 hours, which leaves 73 minutes in their entire day to move. As a result our bodies are aging faster then they should be ”


“My father was a proud provider and busy man but even his health took a back seat which resulted in us losing him prematurely. If I can save one family from losing their dad or their mum, brother, sister, uncle or aunt before their time then I would have done my job and that’s what we are committed to for all Victorians” says Miss Finch.


Book a heart health check today and make the changes required to move away from the 5 – 9 modern epidemic lifestyle.


To speak to Rochelle Finch about the benefits of home fitness solutions for your family contact her on (03) 9317 0881

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