How To Lose Weight In Time For Summer
When it comes to shedding a few extra kilos it may not be as difficult as you once first thought. However with the huge range of slimming products and pills on the market today many don't know where to start.

Typically we all pursue to lose weight as fast and easy as possible, with the expectations of instant results immediately. However if we don’t see them, we just quit and move along to the next trending diet. Sound familiar?

If you want to follow your weightloss plan you need to set realistic and achievable goals. Studies have shown that when individuals lower their weight by ½ a kilo per week, these individuals maintain long-term descent.

The simplest thing you can do is start eating nutritious foods.. So many of us think eating less is the answer but the real answer is to eat the correct kind of foods.

A sensible well balanced diet must contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral salts and fiber in well proportionate quantity.  Carbohydrates are the source of energy so these play an important role in balanced diet helping to give you energy to sustain the day.

The key is eating food, as close to it’s natural form. There are plenty of experts out there that are right under your fingertips who can advise you on what foods to eat and how to eat them. You can find all these experts online with some help from Google.


Creating a change to your eating habits

does not need to be hard, tasteless or costly!


A great place start is to grab a copy of the book, Rocket Fuel on a Budget - How to get healthy Without going Broke! This book by Joanna Rushton will provide you with:

* Knowledge of the food myths of modern day nutritional recommendation

* A 21 day meal plan with recipes to get you started eating right immediately.

Jo has done the hard work for you and made it easy for you to know what to eat!


"Complimenting eating healthy meals is to incorporate regular exercise."


Exercise has many health benefits however for most of us the best thing exercise can do, is it increase our weight loss by helping your body burn off calories quicker.


If you haven't completed some exercise in a while it is very important to take things slowly at first, you don't want to tweak a muscle or harm your body in any way. YouTube has some great home workouts that you can do from your lounge room and best of all these are free instructional workout video’s. Watch this video to learn more>>>


When exercising you can use equipment such as dumbbells and fitballs or even utilize things you have already in your home such as your front door step or even the dinning room chairs.


When it comes to exercising many people are just plain lazy and require some kind of motivation, if you have any friends or a partner see if they are interested in working out with you.


Keeping a log or journal is also a good idea; you can even use a online blog. Medical studies show that keeping a food journal DOUBLES your weight loss! That’s a good enough reason for me to keep one! Keeping a track of your progress can also help boost your confidence as you see your weight dropping.

Make no mistake about it, fitness regimes help you speed up the process of loosing weight along with the healthy eating plan. That is the fundamental key, the magic weight loss accelerator. Thus eat healthy, exercise and watch the weight come off!


Good Health Begins At Home



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