Pump Up Your Workouts with a Fitness Bench

G'day mates! Looking to upgrade your home gym equipments? Adding a quality fitness bench should be top priority. We recommend having an adjustable bench on hand to take your training to the next level. Let's discuss how to choose the perfect bench and make the most of it!

Choosing the Right Bench for Your Goals 

With so many options out there - flat, Olympic, foldable, etc. - picking the right adjustable fitness bench can feel overwhelming! The experts at Elite Fitness Australia recommend considering your fitness goals, available space, and budget. An adjustable bench around 12-16 inches wide is a versatile pick for most home gyms. Make sure it fits nicely on your artificial grass or garage flooring!

Killer Workouts to Try on Your New Bench

Once you've got your bench, it's time to put it to use! We suggest you to start with simple moves like dumbbell presses to test it out. Then get creative - benches allow for a range of effective exercises to build full body strength. Adjust the back pad and seat to target different muscles from all angles. From inclined push-ups to hip thrusts, a good bench can take your training up a notch!

Bench vs. Exercise Ball: Which Is Better? 

For core stability moves, exercise balls can be excellent tools. But for controlled lifting, Elite Fitness pros recommend a sturdy fitness bench. While balls provide an unstable surface to engage more muscles, benches offer a solid, fixed platform for strength gains. Use both for a well-rounded fitness regimen!

Caring for Your Bench 

To keep your bench in tip-top shape, be sure to wipe it down after each use and tighten bolts annually. Avoid leaving it outdoors exposed to the elements. With proper maintenance, your quality fitness bench can support workouts for years to come!

Bench Exercises for Older Adults

A fitness bench isn't just for young gym goers - it provides benefits for seniors too! The experts at Elite Fitness suggest using an adjustable bench to aid older adults with gentle stretches and range of motion exercises. This can greatly improve mobility and strength. Just be sure to consult a doctor before starting any new workout program.


What's the weight capacity on most benches?

- Quality flat benches support 500-1,000 lbs, while adjustable benches hold 250-500 lbs.

Should I get attachments for my bench?

- Attachments like leg extensions can add helpful versatility, but aren't essential. Priority should be a stable, quality bench.

Can I fold up my bench to save space?

- Many fitness bench models offer space-saving folding designs. Just confirm folded weight limits are suitable for your needs.

Let me know if you have any other fitness bench questions, mates! The team at Elite Fitness Australia is happy to help you get the most out of your workout bench. Let's get pumping!

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