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The Power of Power Towers: A Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide

The Power of Power Towers: A Comprehensive Review and Buying Guide

Power towers, also known as pull-up towers or multi-function towers, have become an increasingly popular piece of home workout equipment. These towers allow you to do a variety of bodyweight exercises utilising your own strength and gravity. In this blog post, we'll look at the benefits of using a power tower, provide a review of some top products, and give you a buying guide to choose the right tower for your needs.

Do power towers build muscle?

Yes, absolutely! Power towers utilise your own body weight as resistance to help build lean muscle mass in both the upper and lower body. Exercises like pull-ups, dips, knee raises, and leg lifts all engage multiple muscle groups at once. The constant need to stabilise your body on the tower also recruits many core muscles. Just a few workouts per week on a power tower can help to tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, back, abdominals, and legs.

What muscles do power towers work?

Some of the major muscle groups that power towers target include:

- Back - Latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids  

- Biceps and triceps

- Shoulders - Deltoids, rotator cuff 

- Chest - Pectoralis major, minor

- Abs - Rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis

- Quads and glutes

- Calves

So as you can see, power towers provide an excellent full body workout by utilising your bodyweight against gravity!

What are 5 power exercises?

Here are 5 great power exercises to do on a tower:

  1. Pull-ups - Grip the bars and pull your chin over the bar, engaging your back, arms and shoulders.

  1. Dips - Support yourself between the dip bars and lower your body by bending your elbows, working your triceps, chest and shoulders. 

  1. Knee/leg raises - Hang from the pull-up bar and raise your knees up towards your chest, targeting your lower abs.

  1. Push-ups - Place your hands on the push-up handles and perform push-ups working your chest, shoulders and triceps.

  1. Hanging knee tucks - Hang from the pull-up bar and pull your knees up to your chest, engaging your core.

These five moves hit just about every major muscle group for a comprehensive workout. Mix up your hand positions, grips, and leverage to continually challenge yourself.

Power Tower Product Reviews

Here are two top-rated power tower products to consider for your home gym:

  1. XMark Fitness Power Tower

This power tower from XMark is constructed of heavy-duty steel with a scratch resistant powder coating. It has a 300-lb weight capacity. The pull-up bar adjusts from 6 ft to 7 ft tall. In addition, this tower has a vertical knee raise station, push-up grips, dip bars and comfortable padded arm and back padding. It offers a variety of bodyweight exercises.

  1. Tower of Weider Power

Weider's tower has a sturdy steel structure and can support up to 300 pounds. The height of the multi-grip pull-up station may be adjusted from 78" to 88". It also includes arm cushions and a cushioned backrest. Dip bars, push-up grips, and a vertical knee raise station are examples of accessories. This tower's easy height changes and stability have earned it accolades from reviews.

- Choose a tower with an adjustable draw based on your height-up bars for personalised fit

- Weight capacity: Make sure the model you choose can sustain your weight securely.

- Construction: Search for powder coating that is resistant to scratches and steel frames. 

- Comfort: Armrest and backrest padding contributes to a more comfortable workout.  

- Footprint: Take into account the measurements to locate a tower in your area.

- Additional attachments to maximise utility: knee raise stations, push-up grips and dip bars

Power towers are a great complement to any home gym since they can be used to provide difficult, full body exercises with just bodyweight. You may gain muscle and improve your fitness with a variety of strength training routines offered by a high-quality tower. Choose the ideal power tower from this shopping guide to start boosting your exercises right now!   

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