The Truth About Treadmill Horsepower!
Are you confused about treadmill horsepower and what manufactures claim? You have every right to be! You and me both! Let Matt from ELITE FITNESS clear things up for you.

Matt from Elite explains that a treadmill motor is similar to car motor engine, the bigger the motors are, the greater the horsepower and the torque. In the case of the treadmill motors, bigger motors equal increased power and torque.

If a treadmill retailer claims it's motor is 4HP, but is the size of a small motor next to the ELITE FITNESS 2HP, common sense will tell you that it cannot be a 4HP.

Many manufacturers and retailers talk about peak horsepower, but that can be very misleading; there simply is no standard. If a motor peak at 4HP for one second then explodes into flames, it's blown. Some manufacturers will use this inflated HP and mislead the consumer, claiming it is a 4HP motor.

The formula for determining horsepower is pretty simple: 1HP = 746 watts, and voltage x amps = watts. So for e.g: 240V (general household current) x 10 amps (STD circuit) = 2400 watts. 2400 watts divided by 746 = 3.21  HP.

Based on the above formula, 3.21HP is the maximum amount horsepower that can be drawn out of a 10-amp circuit. As most of the circuits in your home are 10 amp, NO TREADMILL CAN PRODUCE MORE THAN 3.21HP. Of course these numbers are theoretical and would still depend on other factors, such as motor design, temperature and drive circuit, but now you understand a little better. Don't be fooled by outrageous HP's.

ELITE FITNESS doesn't mislead! We list the usable horsepower rating, which is the horsepower you can safely use on a day to day basis.

Some manufactures and retailers boast that their treadmill motors can withstand up to 180 degrees or more, because of their high-grade insulation. Once again you don't ever want it to run that hot! High grades of insulation are only used if a motor does run hot, and so that insulation will protect the motor coil. The lower the RPM the longer the life of the treadmill, and the lower the temperature.

A typical lower priced treadmill motor has to be geared to run at higher RPM's in order to generate enough low end torque to get the belt moving with a person on it. By the time the belt is moving a 5 kph the motor is already spinning as fast as a treadmill with a larger motor moving at 12 kph. This will cause long term problems.

Walking or running on a treadmill with a small motor is almost impossible without slowing the belt down with every step. You can tell by a noisy motor on some treadmills. ELITE's treadmills are designed to run at lower RPM's, lower temperatures and will therefore last longer.

If you would like to discuss your treadmill options, feel free to ask one our qualified treadmill experts on (03) 9317 0881.

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