Stay Fit Over The Silly Season With These Tips From ELITE

Exercise and the holidays can still go together!

During Christmas, friends and family gather to share good cheer and a feast fit for a king. However, it can be a time of dread for those who dedicated themselves to a fitness routine all year.

What are some questions you have about the upcoming Christmas Period? Can I count on any Christmas party food to be healthy? Do other people automatically assume you're boring if you say no to alcohol?

Tip 1: don't kid yourself.

It's essential to keep in mind that you'll likely consume more calories than usual and sleep less than eight hours per night over the holiday season. Fear not, for you will have more fun than if you were sleeping and grooving and grinning more frequently than you would if you were not awake. For a reason, the holiday season is called that, so relax and have fun!

Tip 2: Cardiovascular exercise while fasting has many benefits.

Even though Christmas is not the time to worry about your exercise routine, there are simple ways to make up for it. Depleted state interval training, for instance, burns a lot more body fat than training after you've eaten, so you should modify your training schedule to include a morning cardio session on an empty stomach. HORIZON T7.0AT-24 TREADMILL - NEW MODEL ( and the Bodyworx Challenger 250 Treadmill ( will give you no excuses during the busy period. 

Tip 3: Perform more sets of resistance exercises

As the amount you eat increases, your body will have a positive calorie balance.
Most people get their "summer bodies" in the winter when the weather is cold, and the gym is empty. So take advantage of this and hit the gym whenever you can to pump iron. Specifically, compound exercises should be a part of your routine.

Because of the increased calories and alcohol consumption that come with the holiday season, it is recommended that you add extensive compound exercises to your resistance training routine.

Examples are squats, deadlifts, push-ups, chin-ups, lunges, and shoulder presses. Our Body Solid GPR370 Multi Press Rack ( is the perfect addition to your home gym. 

As a result of the more significant 'anabolic' effect of these motions, you will burn more calories and recruit more muscle even at rest.

Tip 5: Don't give up on Good Spirits

Food, drink, and good cheer are universally acknowledged as necessary for the holiday season. And there really isn't any valid excuse not to. But to lessen the aftereffects, drink spirits with zero- or low-calorie mixers. While this isn't quite as nice as not sipping, it beats down ten pints of lager pretty handily.

Tip 6: Get Your Groove On... a lot

While going out with friends may seem counterproductive to your fitness goals, an hour of dancing can burn anywhere from 350 to 600 calories. It would be best if you took advantage of the opportunity to get some dance time during the current party season.

Tip 7: Always Add Veggies

Ignore the baked potatoes and parsnips and pile on as many vegetables as possible. The insoluble fibre found in vegetables acts as a bulking agent and aids in the removal of excess waste. You'll be doing yourself a huge favour by including vegetables in your holiday diet because there are clear ties between a healthy gut and improved mental well-being.

Most of all have fun!