Body Solid GPR370 Multi Press Rack


Body Solid GPR370 Multi Press Rack

When brands are important to you! Stick with the leading American brand such as Body Solid which is Synonyms for quality!

Rack Features:

    • Designed with an extra-wide 4-point stance

    • 7° reverse pitch that accommodates your body's natural lifting path.

    • Lift-off and safety positions are right

    • Racking the bar is always comfortable and predictable.

    • Allows you to perform squats, calf raises, lunges, dead-lifts, upright rows, and many, many more power building exercises.

    • 4 Olympic storage posts that suspend weight plates for quick and easy access while keeping your workout area organized


    • Extra-heavy duty 2"x 3" high tensile strength steel mainframe with all-4-side welded construction.

    • 14-position gun-rack can handle over 454kg and gives the user the ability to walk the bar up and down without removing plates.

    • Includes over-sized 43cm long safeties constructed from 2"x 3" 11-gauge steel.

  • Mainframe uprights are set to a 7° reverse pitch that accommodates the body’s natural lifting path.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 45" x 64" x 74"

**Weight plates, bar and collars are optional.

*For increased workout capacity, add any free-weight bench and do bench, incline, decline, and shoulder press routines.