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FITLAB Commercial FID Bench
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FITLAB Commercial FID Bench

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FITLAB Commercial FID Bench


  • IMPROVED VERSION: The Tripod design allows athletes to use proper positioning of the feet and arch the back to push up heavyweight with proper form. The 3-foot design is easy to level, and the front support does not get in the way of foot positioning.
  • ADJUSTABLE BACK AND SEAT: Set the back flat, at an incline, upright, or at a decline while you lift free weights and dumbbells. At different positions, you will be able to work a wide variety of muscles. You can also adjust the seat to accommodate your height.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDING: This lifting equipment features a black HeftyGrip Vinyl cushion that will reduce strain and stress on your muscles as you lift weights. The leather finish pads are found on both the seat and back to accommodate unnecessary strain as you push your limits.


5 in 1: Save space in your gym for the FITLAB Commercial FID Bench which combines the benefits from all of these benches into one: Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Military Press (Utility) Bench, Decline Bench, Abdominal Bench


    • Built to handle high volume usage

    • Low maintenance

    • Easy to use and adjust

    • No guidance needed

    • 5 Benches-In-One



    • Frame (Structural): Lifetime

    • Parts: 2 Years

  • Upholstery: 90 Days



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