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FITLAB Functional Trainer

FITLAB Functional Trainer

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FITLAB Functional Trainer 

The FitLAB Functional Trainer is engineered to suit the needs of commercial gyms and fitness facilities. It’s design allows the user to move in multiple movement planes to increase strength, balance, stability, core strength and coordination. This dual stack functional trainer from FitLAB features a compact footprint with an ideal height for any fitness facility. Thanks to the smooth action of the FitLAB pulley system, continuous tension is placed on the muscles during movement which is a potent stimulus for hypertrophy.

This all-in-one features a long-lasting, maintenance-free electrostatic powder coating as well as an information panel with illustrations of exercises that can be performed.

What is the FitLAB difference? The FitLAB Commercial rated series is characterised by a unique design fused with a strong component of innovation. In order to provide the end user with the ultimate workout experience every detail has been carefully considered. FitLAB Commercial Gym Equipment is some of the most attractive and affordable on the Australian market. As a result, your facility can achieve a modern aesthetic with less impact on your bottom line.



  • 2 x 80kg Precision Weight Stacks (2:1 ratio)

  • Solid Steel Machined weights

  • Chrome Magnetic Weight Pin for Easy Weight Selection.

  • Electrostatic Powder Coated Finish for Maximum Durability.

  • Nylon Coated Cables which Meets International Standards.

  • Sealed Bearing Aluminium Pulleys that Provide a Consistent Tension and Fluidity with Every Movement.

  • Rubber Feet on Frame Which Protects the Floor and Prevents the Machine from Slipping.

  • Supportive & Protective Shrouds on the Front & Rear of Weight Stacks. 

  • Multi Grip Chin Up handles.

  • Exercise Display Chart.

  • Easily Adjustable Pulleys with Chrome that Requires no Tightening.


Length: 116cm
Width: 152cm
Height: 236cm
Weight: 362kg
Load: 80kg x 2


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