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Fitness should be simple and convenient. But many feel backed down by the hassle of prepping up - finding the right bag or scheduling visits. Of course, you can put the obstacles behind you and stay active and healthy. With more and more people building home gyms, you can also say goodbye to everything you dislike about hitting the gym, just like them!
Home gyms, however, can be expensive. Price is not the sole factor anymore because Elite Fitness presents irresistible offers.
Even if that's for a limited time, you can save huge! In this post, we mention the best-selling fitness equipment Brisbane below.
Vision U60 Upright Bike: Available at $2,099.95
For anyone who wants a versatile workout machine, upright bikes are unbeatable. And Vision U60 is the perfect match to improve your body's aerobic capacity.
The heavy welded steel frame and quality components can withstand your HIIT sessions while ensuring pure comfort. Let's check out the specifications below:
  • Heart rate: Contact grips, wireless receiver
  • Drive system: Poly-V, 3-piece crank
  • Pedals: Self-balancing with adjustable straps
Bodyworx EFX50 Programmable Elliptical: Available at $1,299.95
An elliptical is essential for cardiovascular health, especially because it's easy on your body. With a 16-level motorised system, the elliptical machine is not only good for the lower body but also full-body workouts.
You can buy Bodyworx EFX50 Programmable Elliptical to improve coordination, balance and body awareness. Let's take a glance at the features:
  • Built-in receiver
  • Body fat programs, 3 heart rate control programs, and 7 pre-set programs
  • Smartphone and tablet holder
Spirit SXT185 Treadmill: Available at $1,899.95
If you want to up your running cadence, there's nothing better than getting a treadmill. Plus, it is easier on your joints, leaving a lower impact compared to other exercises. Spirit SXT185 Treadmill does all these for you, along with making workouts more effective because of its contact heart monitoring.
The offer is available for a very limited time on our website. So, let's have a glance at the specifications below:
  • 7'5" bright blue backlit LCD screen
  • Quick speed and incline keys
  • Adjustable cooling for extra comfort
Last-minute Thoughts
Excited much? The list of elliptical machines, treadmills and upright bikes does not end here. From Spirit to Matrix to Vision, we offer an impeccable range of fitness equipment in Brisbane. You can also buy now and pay later. Check out our website now!
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