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Comparing a manual and automatic treadmill is the most difficult decision you will ever make. After all, treadmills are essential for indoor workouts. But how do you find out which one is suitable for your goal?

Before you start the search for the perfect treadmill for sale, we are here to help you. The post includes the main differences between a manual and automatic treadmill to simplify your shopping. Let's look at the benefits below and decide!

Reasons to Choose Manual Treadmills

Manual treadmills do not need a power outlet, so you can keep them anywhere and not worry about the electric bill. They run on their own power and are as efficient as electric ones making your calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes stronger.

Also, some consider it safer than automatic treadmills because the former's belt stops working right away.

Reasons to Choose Automatic Treadmills

Though suitable for walking and running, automatic treadmills' durability is often frowned upon. You can buy one with sufficient speed levels catering to your fitness needs - whether you want to walk or run. Electric treadmills surpass the traditional ones for having more features like pace, workout time, speed and calories burned.

Some treadmills feature Bluetooth connectivity, heart rate monitor and pre-programmed workouts. Another benefit is that this type lets you be specific with your exercises. You can set your pace and focus on getting your session.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Just like everything has its drawback, automatic and manual treadmills have drawbacks. Following are the disadvantages to consider:

  • Think twice before buying electric treadmills because the motor does not last long.
  • Manual treadmills usually feature flat belts with less cushioning. That's why you need to put strain and stress on the joints.
  • Automatic treadmills possess a higher risk when you fall off. The belt will keep moving and can cause abrasions.
  • Manual treadmills tend to promote bad walking or running form because the workload on muscles increases.

In the end, your fitness goal becomes a deciding factor. If you like control over your sessions, a manual treadmill is the answer. But an automatic treadmill will work if you want multiple speed options.

So, the choice is yours; only you know what will fit your fitness goal. Visit our website and check out the best selling treadmills for sale Brisbane!

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