Get into the R60 Zone: Benefits, Features and More

Recumbent bikes are popular among anyone who wants to target their lower body. You can watch your favourite shows and catch up with current affairs while working out. In short, you never feel bored when you are working out.

Moreover, many feel that recumbent bikes are comfortable as you stay in a reclined position. It also works when you are looking into a long workout session. Now, the pedaling speed can vary depending on the challenge you are up for. It is easy to tailor the workout sessions to meet your fitness goals.

Sounds interesting, right? So, if you want to invest in a recumbent bike, we think R60 is the perfect match. Why, you may ask. Let's go through the features and benefits of this recumbent exercise bike.

Health Benefits of Riding R60 Recumbent Bike

If you have ditched your gym membership, this recumbent bike will fit your home gym. It's different from basic stationary bikes but will offer the most stable cycling sessions. Similarly, this bike features a larger seat and backrest to take pressure off your joints.

Below we mention the benefits of getting into the R60 zone:

  • Easy for anyone
  • Targets lower body muscles
  •  Ideal for cardiac rehabilitation
  • Safe cycling at home

One of the studies published in the Journal of Rheumatology suggests that recumbent cycling alleviates joint stiffness and boosts muscle strength. In addition, R60 can aid in circulation to increase mobility.

Should you go for it?

For anyone looking for the best mix of comfort and convenience, R60 is second to none. Its recumbent design is convenient for low-impact workouts, irrespective of whether you are young or old. You will get lumbar support thanks to the back pad and contoured seat.

There is a white LED to show workout feedback which can help you stay on track. Also, the built-in wireless receiver allows an easy way to check their heart rate.

Of course, self-balancing pedals are something you'd fall in love with right away. There are easily adjustable straps so that anyone can go for a session.

Also, the accessory tray maximises convenience. You can check your emails while working out or keep a bottle handy without hassles.

Last-minute Thoughts

Another reason to make the most of the R60 zone is that you can get the bike at an unbelievable price. You can save up to $200 if you place your order now. We also offer interest-free pay-later options. You can use your Zip, Afterpay and other digital wallets to seize this incredible offer.

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