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FITLAB Seated Dual Leg Curl / Leg Extension

FITLAB Seated Dual Leg Curl / Leg Extension

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FitLAB Seated Dual Leg Curl/ Leg Extension

The FitLAB Seated Dual Leg Curl/ Leg Extension helps the athlete build powerful leg muscles thanks to the innovative design of our dual station. The functionality of each exercise is easy to understand thanks to clearly marked adjustment points, making it easy to adjust and transition from one exercise to another. An adjustable padded back rest creates the ability for each user to find an ideal pivot location with the upper and lower leg support pads, which allows for full muscle activation and contraction. 

This style of machine is designed to maximise training the hamstrings and glutes as well as the quadriceps and hip flexors. It’s minimalistic design features including matte black colours, provides a sleek and modern aesthetic for your training space. Attention to every detail means FitLAB surpasses the expectation of gym owners and athletes alike to provide the ultimate workout experience. It’s high performance meets high quality design and a neatly curated space for the user to keep their belongings on the machine whilst training.


- Commercial grade steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity

- Electrostatic powder coated finish for maximum durability

- Cushion has moulded foam for superior comfort, support & durability

- Rubber feet on frame which protects the floor and prevents slipping

- Durable & stylish upholstery

- Easy seat adjustment with chrome pin


 Assembled Dimensions:

 94cm Length / 130cm Width / 144cm Height

 Weight Stack:

 100kg / 220.46 lbs


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