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Nohrd Wallbar

Nohrd Wallbar

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Color: Ash
Size: 14
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NOHrD WallBars, a classic piece of fitness equipment for multi-functional exercise, comes with a unique overhead foldout to expand your workout range.

Ideal for hanging or pull-up exercise, the foldout bar clicks into its opened position, providing the necessary stability and room for hanging and swinging exercises. Elegant, sturdy and strong, the WallBars is the perfect allrounder and space-saver combined. The CombiTrainer, Bench and Multi-Adapter accessory equipment can each be placed directly onto the bars for easy storage.

The WallBars is ideal for all areas of fitness training, especially strength building, mobility and coordination exercise. Made of solid wood and featuring a durable cord for the foldout, the WallBars is ideal for the multi-functional workout.

Technical Details

· dimensions (closed): 230 cm x 79 cm x 13 cm
· weight 10 / 14 bars: 19 kg / 21 kg
· space between bars: 9.9 cm – 17.7 cm
· max. weight load: approx. 120 kg
· bar diameter: 38 mm

* The Nohrd range is on display at our Virginia Showroom. They are special order products and will be shipped directly to your home.


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