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A Complete Guide to the Difference between Spin Bikes and Upright Bikes

A Complete Guide to the Difference between Spin Bikes and Upright Bikes

Do you want to focus on low-impact cardio? If yes, exercise bikes are the best to consider. Cycling is an excellent choice because the workout puts minimal stress on your joints. Plus, exercise bikes offer the convenience of working out at any time. But given the range of exercise bikes, you may feel confused.

Spin bikes and upright bikes are popular nowadays. Both exercise bikes strengthen your lower body and support your weight loss journey. Though these bikes offer the same benefits, you may wonder which equipment is worth the investment.

Let's find out here the main differences between spinning or spin bikes and upright bikes. This guide will help you understand which bike is the best home exercise equipment for your goal.

Spin Bikes: An Overview

Spin bikes are stationary exercise bikes which are widely accepted in local and home gyms. These exercise bikes gained much popularity owing to aerobic classes.

Excellent for arduous workouts and fast pedaling, spinning bikes feature a leaning position. This particular feature draws similarities to traditional outdoor bikes, making them a good choice for anyone who loves sports.

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Upright Bikes: An Overview

Upright bikes focus on the straight body placement, putting pressure off your back. If you want to look for a safe option, you should consider recumbent models.

The cycle engages your core muscles by holding the body upright. In addition, upright bikes engage biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. The more you engage your muscles, the more you can burn calories.

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Difference between Spin Bikes and Upright Bikes

By now, you have probably figured out that the positioning sets the bikes apart. Of course, the exercise bikes offer different features and benefits;

  • Seat: Spin bikes are smaller but more like real bicycles - you may feel sore after working out. Upright bikes feature large padded seats offering more comfort.
  • Flywheel: Spin bikes come with heavy flywheels, but upright bikes feature lighter ones. Upright bikes stop moving upon finishing the workout.
  • Muscle engagement: Upright and spin bikes target your glutes and legs. But the former helps you maintain the upright position, unlike the latter. You put more stress on lower body when on spinning bikes.

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