Why Invest in a Functional Smith Machine?

Are you shopping for home gyms? If yes, a functional smith machine perfectly fits the scenario. When you ask people about smith machines, you will get various responses.

Some love it; others consider it taking up too much space. But stay clear of one thing - smith machines are popular.

Today, we will mention what makes smith machines the right choice for your home gym. Let's dive into the guide below!

What is a smith machine?

Smith machines feature everything you need to exercise at home. The device gets rid of the need for a spotter if you want to lift weights alone. A barbell is usually attached to help you load the weights and train safely.

You can find a wide variety of smith machines, but most of them function the same way. It is easier to perform different workouts, ensuring every major muscle group engages in the exercise. Functional smith machines are versatile, helping you do biceps curls, bench presses, squats, etc.

We have a comprehensive collection of best-selling smith machines, including Body Sold Series 7 Smith Machine, Inspire SCS Smith Cage System, Force USA F100 Pin-Loaded All In One Trainer, and more.

Benefits of buying a smith machine

Those who consider functional trainers substandard need to learn about the key advantages. Following are the benefits to bear in mind;

Isolated workout

Functional smith machine training isolates distinct muscle groups.

For instance, when performing a bench press on a smith machine, you can isolate the chest more than you usually do on a regular bench press.

Safer choice

Smith machines have an in-built fail-safe system.

Suppose the weight becomes unbearable, and you may feel a sudden discomfort during the exercise.

Some smith machines feature inbuilt devices that you can adjust to stop the barbell at a certain height. Such a safety measure assures you are safe when performing the exercise.


The main benefit of using home gyms is the ability to perform various exercises. Depending on the strength levels, consider browsing our range of smith machines. Overall, a functional trainer is perfect for anyone willing to build muscle and strength.

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